Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is there more than one Billy the Kid? CDV for PFF

This carte de viste (CDV) intrigued me. Thought I might have something rare. Ha, the real BILLY THE KID was a baby in the early 1860's. The odd thing is that the famous Billy the Kid murdered one of his victims with a Whitney gun. Odd coincidence. On the back of the CDV someone taped the not so famous Billy the Kids autograph. I have acquired lots of CDVs and some Cabinet Cards which are just as interesting as postcards. Happy Postcard Friday, a little early but have lots on my calendar. Go to Maries blog to see what others are sharing for PFF.


Christine H. said...

It's pretty wonderful, even if it's not the famous Billy the Kid. This guy is much easier to look at anyway.

Lyneen said...

HOW FUN... it must have made your heart jump when you read the name on the back! PFF

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