Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Muzzy's Corn Starch Trade Card with cake and pudding recipes

Muzzy's Corn Starch - Muzzy Starch CO Elkhart, Indiana
2 cups of sugar, half a cup of butter, two of flour, one-half cup of Muzzy's Corn Starch, half a cup of milk, three eggs, one teaspoon of cream tartar, one of soda. (No baking directions given)

One quart of milk, except enough to wet three tablespoons of Muzzy's Corn starch, placed in a tin pail set in a kettle of boiling water: add the yolks of the three eggs beaten, half a cup of sugar, the corn starch and a little salt.  let it boil until it thickens: when cool pour into a pudding dish, beat the whites of the eggs, half a cup of pulverized sugar, flavor with lemon, and place in the over to brown.

Muzzy's  Corn Starch is prepared expressly for food, is made of only the best white flour, and is guaranteed absolutely pure.  We take pleasure in sending a set of six cards to any address free.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Arbuckle's Trade Card with recipe of Potato Croquettes

If you collect trade cards which are small forms of advertising you can get some interesting recipes.  Potatoes are featured in a basket with young girl.  ARBUCKLE'S  Ariosa Coffee promotes coffee.  This trade card is one of a Series of 50 different subjects on Cooking.

Potato Croquettes

Mix 4 ounces of grated Westphalia or other Ham with with one pound of mealy potatoes mashed with butter, salt and two eggs, form them into small loaves and fry them in butter: Serve them hot with brown gravy.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Undergoing Chemotherapy but doing OK

I am taking a break on my blog due to a health issue.  I hope to not let Breast Cancer stop my entries but its slowing me down.  I completed one chemotherapy treatment a week ago and still feel tired and achy.  I have 3 more treatments and then 5 weeks of radiation.  I am not one to keep a blog diary of the illness and hope to have some good photos of the things I am sewing.  I have put eBay on hold.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What kind of collector are you? Look for that shoe box in the attic.

What kind of a collector are you?  There are so many things to collect but one that is popular is "OLD PAPER STUFF."  That is ephemera.That is not just your old letters, etc but can include anything made of paper.  Who purchases ephemera?  Mixed media artists who use the collectible paper stuff for collages and other art projects.  Buyers like to get letters written and mailed from  their home town.  Postmarks of Discontinued post offices are interesting to collect. My Dad was quite the cover collector and other ephemera and he would buy postal history envelopes from the towns we lived in.  My sister just gave me this letter mailed to Topeka Kansas but mailed from her town in Tulare County California. (She actually lived in Three Rivers in Tulare County not far from Milo where letter originated.  It will be going on eBay for sale soon.

You just might have some interesting ephemera in your attic.  Look for  old items tucked away in a shoe box.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mother's Day Celebrated around the World

How is Mother’s Day Celebrated and Why Was the Day First Established?

Racheal Ellis
In over forty countries around the world, there is a special day to acknowledge the role of mothers and to celebrate the love and support they have provided throughout their lives.

Though in Great Britain Mother’s Day was celebrated in early March, in many countries around the world Mother’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday. In countries including Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, the United States and Brazil, people will use Sunday May 12th as a day to honortheir mother.

Interestingly, many countries have their own reasons for celebrating Mother’s Day. In France, for example, Mother’s Day was first established in the early 1900s. The leading members of French society were becoming increasingly concerned about France’s declining birth rate. To remedy this, they decided to honor mothers who had a large number of children by giving them medals. It was only in the 1940s that all mothers were celebrated, as opposed to just those with the greatest number of children.
‘El Dia de la Madre Boliviana’, as Mother’s Day is known in Bolivia, commemorates a battle which took place during the country’s war of independence. In this particular battle, which took place on the 27 May 1812, many Bolivian women were killed. It is this date in late May which continues to be thought of as Mother’s Day in Bolivia.

In Ireland, on the other hand, Mother’s Day has a religious element and stems from the days when many children and domestic servers would live away from home. On the fourth Sunday of lent, the day that the Irish continue to celebrate Mother’s Day, the workers were encouraged to return to their mother church and to visit their own mothers.

Interestingly, Mother’s Day in Israel commemorates Henrietta Szold. Szold was known for rescuing many Jewish children from the Nazis during the Second World War. The day is celebrated between January 30th and March 1st or ‘Shevat 30’ as it is known in the Jewish calendar.

It is clear that Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world for various reasons and the way that it is celebrated also varies from country to country. Food lies at the heart of many Mother’s Day traditions. In Ethiopia, where Mother’s Day celebrations usually last for three days, it is custom for girls to bring gifts of fruit and vegetables and boy to bring meat to their mother. In France, Mothers are often treat to florally decorated cakes whilst in Italy, heart-shaped cakes are gifted. Celebrations in America and Great Britain tend to be quite similar: people take their mums breakfast in bed and buy them flowers and chocolate.
In many countries, flowers play a central role in Mother’s Day celebrations. In Australia, for example, people often wear red carnations in their lapels as a mark of respect for their mothers. If their mother has passed away, then they wear white carnations instead.

To conclude, though Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, the reasons why it is celebrated and the ways in which people acknowledge the role that their mother has played in their life varies greatly. It is clear that, in various countries and in many cultures, Mother’s Day is an important time when the love and support that mothers provide is acknowledged and openly cherished. If you want to make Mother's Day extra special this year then try to think of a unique way to celebrate. Perhaps cook your mum her favorite food for brunch or book tickets to take her to a gallery or art exhibition that you think she would like. You could even make a donation to her favorite charity in her name. Whatever you do, try to remember that this day is not about spending lots of money, it is about showing one of the most important people in your life just what they mean to you.

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