Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hand Embroidery while recovering from Hip Replacement

I am not so much into postcards or other ephemera since I am not selling on ebay.  I have spent most of the last months recovering from Hip replacement surgery in April.  Good results although I still need to use my cane and get stronger.  Good news I will be having the other hip replaced next week.  I hope then to feel better although my  knees are looking a little big.  I need to walk more but with smoke from the California fires and the heat I do not walk outside as much as I should.  I sure miss RVing but maybe soon.

Staying at home mostly with shopping ventures and weekly sewing gatherings.  I have been doing quite a big of hand embroidery which I will picture below.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hip Replacement Surgery for both hips

I usually would tie in my Ebay listings and other ephemera of interest with my blog.  I have bone on bone osteoarthritis and have not been with my blog. I am taking a break from Ebay.  I the middle of April I will be having the right hip replaced.  I am thinking that maybe I should keep a blog diary of my progress. Will try to drop in here every week.  More later.
Early Fashions

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Welcoming the New Year 2018

Due to health issues I have been neglecting my blog and since I have started the New Year with Journaling this would also be a  good place to write.  While reading my emails some from friends, others from crafty and creative business people I get new ideas.  Today an article about 2018 popped my interest.  It said to pick a word that would be encouraging for the year.  Well I was thinking of HEALTH, HEALTHY WELLNESS but decided to pick a phrase that was in one of our doctors reports.  It was AGE RELATED.  Everytime there is some problem, usually minor,we now say it is Age Related.  I will be 76 and need to face Hip Replacement (maybe) and working on diet for Heitus  Hernia.

But I pass the days with hand embroidery and now working with Essential Oils which feel good on my hips. I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Not selling much on eBay  but planning on using my boxes of ephemera in making JUNK JOURNALS

Good Bye 2017


Sunday, October 8, 2017

A break in blogging

I am rather behind with blogging.  It has been a summer with forest fires with evacuations.  Then I started Physical Therapy as I learned from xrays that I have advanced osteoarthritis of the hips.  It is in both hips and is quite painful.  I will be seeing an Orthopedic specialist in a few months.  But I still craft and go to sewing class and try to stay active.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A blogging afternoon with lazy dazey days

I went out this morning to feed the cats, check the water bowls for all the visiting animals, then sat on the deck with a cup of coffee.  Sewing class at the senior center was on my mind  so I gathered my embroidery projects set off down the road to a wonderful gathering of sewists.

When I came home I ate lunch and then napped.  I now sit by the water cooler reading emails and checking my eBay Auctions.  Several of my listings that are on mentioned on  twitter have the hashtag #ChristmasinJuly.  It is 97 outside not exactly December weather.  But it does make for lovely mornings and after dinner evenings.

Won some covers and am waiting to receive them in the mail.  I will now be researching Twin Bridges, Montana.

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