Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tutorial - How to Make Fabric WORD strips for embellishments

I print short messages, words, greetings on fabric and cut into strips.
Here I have printed the words Fragrant Delights and attached to a
handsewn bag filled with potpourri.

How do I make the strips. I will share some photos with directions
I use a word processing program on the computer. Here I used WordPad and
typed a list of sayings, quotes, greetings I might attach to my crafts. Keep
this program saved. Always have the words on your screen when printing
on the fabric.

I print the words on the computer using regular paper.

This picture is hard to see so you might enlarge. I cut out muslin
or other cotton fabric slightly smaller than 8 1/2 by 11" I then
tape the fabric along the edges over the words on the computer paper. I will
add that if you have a new expensive ink jet printer you might not
want to try this. I use an old printer. It can get caught.

Then faced down (fabric side) I put in the computer and Print.

Here is shows the paper with attached fabric coming out of
the printer

Remove the tape and take the fabric printed words off the computer paper.

Here I am cutting the strips. You can shorten strips and use just
the words for other projects. I attach them to tags, angels, bunched up letters or
I got this idea years ago, but not quite sure. If you just want to copy one or two
words on fabric just print it out, cover the words with fabric (it might just be a few inches) and
run through the compuer.


Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Wow Great idea. Love the step by step. Louise

AuntieEm said...

This is great info Judy! You should look into signing up with eHow! You really have a great talent - and on eHow you could make a few bucks with a tutorial like this one :)

I'm going to try this!

ruby said...

this is an interesting tutorial, what happens if you wash the strips, does the ink come off?

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