Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pearl Twist Vintage Envelope

This 1918 envelope caught my eye as it is addressed to Miss Pearl Twist.. Now doesn't that sound like a name for some embroidery or crochet thread? I googled it and found no person by that name but instead of thread I found jewelry for sale. I guess Pearl Twist is a style of jewelry. I also googled Nyal Drug Co but could find little. Only thing I could find that is was acquired by another company and also someone published a cookbook....Cookbook for Nyal Quality Drug Stores, but in a different state. So that is my fun research for the day. And for you Ham Radio Fans back to 10 meters.


JamaGenie said...

Louise Pearl TWIST was born 2nd March 1881 in Bonner Springs, Wyandotte Co, Kansas, and died 12 Nov 1957. She was the daughter of Russell Peter TWIST (b. New York state) and wife Wilhelmina KERN (b. Bonner Sprngs). In the 1920 census, Pearl (she never went by Louise) was a stenographer for an unnamed company and boarded at 5700 Grand Ave, KC MO. Can't find her in the 1930 census, so she may have married after 1920, although by then she was 39.

Wilhelmina must've been the 2nd wife, because she and her kids with Russell aren't mentioned in this 1883 KS bio of his son by first wife nancy:

Lyn said...

miss pearl twist! what a pretty and cute name :D
it seems to me, like a name which belongs to stories written by authors like dickens :)

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