Thursday, July 2, 2009

Edward S. Curtis Photographer Postcard Friendship Friday

Edward S. Curtis was a well known photographer of the American West and of Native American people. He was born in 1868 and died in 1952. He spent his life compiling Indian History through his photographs. His research was done under the patronage of the financier J.P. Morgan. Many copies of his photographs including postcards are available today. This one is called Apache and is from a 1904 photograph. There has been some criticism of his work because he had the Indians pose for his pictures rather then in a natural setting. Or they were not in accurate native dress or costume.

A couple of years ago I read Wife of the Moon by Margaret Coel. I enjoyed the story because it took place on the Wind Indian Reservation in Wyo. I gave the book to my sister who informed me that part of the mystery story involved a photograph of Edward Curtis. I read it before I received a collection of Curtis 's postcards so it meant nothing to me. Now I am reading the book over again. I sold most of the postcards for a very good price on eBay but have kept one for myself. And I always am looking for more!!!

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Mandala Michelle said...

I always find Native American photos or paintings to have such a majestic quality. There is something very peaceful about that photograph.

Postcardy said...

Sounds like Curtis went way to far in his documentary attempts.

Terry said...

Happy PFF what an amazing bit of information you have gathered .
Thank you so much for sharing .
The postcard /photo was so serene .
I looked at it a few times before leaving a comment.
Again I want to thank you for sharing.
Happy Trails

Bob of Holland said...

The postcard, your story and the novel page make a fine combination. I also like postcards with old photographs by mr. Curtis, and have some in my collection. They're truely fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Debby said...

This is such an amazing postcard, enjoyed reading your story.

Marie Reed said...

I'm absolutely intrigued! I'll be in the States soon (as you know) and am armed with a library card(my Mom's) I want to read this book too! Fascinating!

Beth Niquette said...

This postcard is beautiful. Indeed, though he was criticised, his work is wonderful. Thank you for the history, fascinating blog! Happy PFF!

Chris Overstreet said...

There's a fine line between accurate documentation and documentation that will sell to the masses; someone's always going to be displeased no matter what the result.

Sheila said...

Very interesting. I wonder if he saw himself as an artist as much as, or more than, a historian. I have a reproduction postcard of a Dutch photographer who merely took photographs he liked, but he ended up documenting the development of Amsterdam at the turn of the 19th/20th century.

Robin said...

This is a lovely postcard.
And mow after reading your post, I am curious about the book and want to see more of Curtis' work.
Thanks for sharing....

Have a most beautiful weekend.

Marina Miranda said...

very interesting post!cool,
happy PFF!

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