Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Show Me Wednesdays My Sewing Machines

I have 3 sewing machines. The first I bought was the Sears Kenmore Machine. Its over 25 years old and still runs great. The cams have many decorative stitches. I found it was too heavy to carry to a sewing class so I bought the Riccar. Its 3/4 in size, but the motor is full size. Its a great machine with the basic stitches and I can carry it everywhere. Then they were teaching about sergers so I had to buy the Baby Lock Machine. I still am learning on it. Its not as heavy as the Sears machine so I can get it to class but its not light. I have made a few items of clothing but my machines are mostly for craft projects. To see other sewing machines go to - http://hazelruthes.blogspot.com/


nancy huggins said...
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Cathy said...

Judy, great sewing machines! I love Kenmore's. The old one's just can't be beat. Anyone who can thread and figure out a serger is a genious! Thanks so much for joining us. I loved seeing your sewing machines.

Cathy :)

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Judy. Thank you visiting my blog! I always take a peek at blogs when comments have been posted. Your blog is great! I forgot about taking pics of my sewing machines! Silly me ~ I designed the logo for Show
Me Wednesday. I have a Kenmore ~ about 30 yrs old...still love it! I also have a RICCAR and a new Elna. Love your postcards!

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