Monday, July 4, 2011

"SHELLREP" artillery report from 1944, surprise attention getting photo

Advertisement Shellrep Artillary 1944 w/ pinup photo

Soldiers - Ad for "shellrep" If you see enemy artillary shells falling, call your headquarters and turn in a "SHELLREP" (SHELLING REPORT) giving them as much of the following as possible....more information listed on this military advertisement for soldiers during WW2.

This information will help your own artillery knock-out the enemy artillery.

What I like about this ad or piece of information to be given to the soldiers is the pinup on the backside that will surely attract the soldiers attention.


dwg said...

You have some great old postcards - each has its own tale to tell and they are a wonderful way to record and preserve history.
Have a look at my collection - said...

This is a great postcard. I wonder if the soldiers looked at the front of it at all, and just looked at the back.

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