Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lazy Lazy days, reading thrillers on my kindle reading old issues of magazines

I have not been writing much on my blog so better get with it.  Today in Central California it is suppose to be about 92 which is not bad for the summer.  I love walking out in the morning on the deck, barefooted and in shorts with a cup of coffee.  And to be even lazier I can walk outside with my iPhone and check my emails and auctions online.  We have been busy with house projects.  Just finished painting the dining room.  Earlier we took out the sliding glass door and put in a regular door with a partial wall.  Now I have a place to hang up a nice photograph.  I will have to share it later here.  And we got rid of the blinds which I hated and put up curtains.

The next project is staining the deck and railings.  It is rather a messy and smelly job.  And lots of watering of the plants outside.  Casper the cat was scared by something outside the other day. He would not go outside.  He finally is out there now but is looking up the hillside and not going there.  It gets active about here.....baby bobcats on the deck,  the mother (well maybe the mother) a month earlier also on the deck.  That was scary.  The mountain lion seems to have stayed away.

Here is a picture of our latest RV trip.  A very nice RV park outside of Liberal Kansas.
The Rio Grande Gorge near Taos New Mexico

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