Friday, July 29, 2011

Deschutes River Oregon Memories of a Camping Trip

This postcard brought back memories. My Dad would fish the Deschutes River for trout.  We did not go too often as like the postcard says this river is unnavigable because of its Falls and Rapids.  We always camped and the campgrounds were not that accessible. We arrived one night after dark, found a campground with an empty spot.  As we backed the car into the spot, the bumper got caught on a stump and we could not move.  We set up camp not too happily and hoped we could correct the situation in the morning.  I do remember the river was very noisy.  I think we jacked up the car the next day to get out but I am not sure.  

In the distance is Bachelor Butte a symmetrical cone, which looms in the Cascades at 9000 feet.  

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