Friday, April 29, 2011

Show and Tell Postcards, spoons, old photograph and a pincushion

Show and Tell....actually just sharing a few pictures of postcards, utensils and other items that are sitting out on my tables!  Just random thinking.  Actually this is what is on my cluttered table.

These Italian Postcards are very old and in poor condition.  I thought they would be great in collage work

Sterling Silver spoons.  I hear since silver is going up and spoons are being melted down.  These are not in great condition.  I wonder if they are worth anything?

I wish old photographs were identified.  Who are they?

I get a lot of creative ideas from old magazines like Woman's World

My pincushion. 

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nancy huggins said...

O M Goodness.where did you get such a cute pincushion? The post card that I could read looked like it said Springfield,IL.that is not that far from me.
You are right about the old photographs not having anything written on them. It makes you wonder if they might have relatives somewhere that would treasure that old photo. Nice cards even if they are a little worn..makes you wonder where all they have been :)

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