Thursday, April 14, 2011

Late Thursday Night

I am just sitting here at almost 11 o'clock at night.  Sometimes I just can't think of too much to write about.  I had a pretty good day.  It started out with sewing class at the senior center where I am working on an apron.  Now I am not a good sewer so I had to purchase a panel type kit where the pattern is all stamped on the background fabric.  I managed to get the flounce attached to the body of the apron and tomorrow I will add the neck and waist ties. 

Since I took a nap I don't feel like going to bed yet and already have read on my kindle so I think I will make some appliques.  I will iron some Pellon Wonder-under and iron to the back of some colorful printed fabrics.  Then I will cut out some of the designs and they will be ready for future projects.  Let me see if I can end this with a nice postcard.

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