Thursday, September 16, 2010

Postcards influence Arts and Crafts, Thank You notes - universal designs

Here is the back of a postcard displaying a beautifully drawn rose.  I am always looking for ideas for embroidery, something that might be more original than a commercial designs.  I scanned the postcard, then transferred the design to muslin and stitched away.  Either I will frame it or sew it into a lavender sachet.

Postcards are often used as graphic designs for Business Cards, Thank you notes etc.  I received some wonderful magazines called Shabby Lane Shops ( mailed thru  See how Debi has a postcard image on her Thank You notes.
Postcards have many uses.

This is Blog challenge number 5 and it has been fun.  Thanks again to  Now to read everybodys blog! 


Postcardy said...

The rose on the back is really unusual.

nancy huggins said...

I never knew that or thought about it Judy. I can't wait to get setteled and be able to send you some pictures of some of my collection of old Post cards..I always enjoy seeing the pictures of your post cards and camping trips :)

Debonaire Flea Market said...

Congratulations on completing your blogging challenge. I have been following your blog for sometime now, and you have a lot of great posts!! Thanks for the info.

Christine H. said...

Great idea! I often have postcards that are prettier on the back than on the front.

Danna Crawford said...

Thanks for a GREAT BLOG challenge! I had a great time! And you have some great posts too! I've always liked your blog!!!

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