Sunday, September 19, 2010

Agnes Deernose, Crow Indian Postcard

This is a wonderful postcard of a famous Native American Agnes Deernose.  I discovered a book has been written about her which I have not read. Deernose is a Crow Indian of the Yellowtail Family.  The postcard is published by Crandall Studios of Moose Wyoming and made by Security Lith9ograph Co San Francisco 11, Calif.

Pre zip code so I would guess the postcard is from the 1950's or early 1960's.

This postcard shows Agnes in her younger days, as the picture on the book cover is much more recent.

5 different Native American postcards including this one are on ebay.  My id is papel1.

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nancy huggins said...

Nice picture Judy..I used to have my house decorated with American Indian stuff all over. I got tired of it one day and changed my decor but I still have a lot of my Indian bought a lot of it for me and I still have some really cute dolls..I even made a porcelain crawling Indian Doll. It makes me sad sometimes the way they were treated but we allow imigrants from other places come to U S and give them hand outs..A real shame

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