Monday, September 27, 2010

Map of Alaska Postcard and Yukon Territory

Just dropping in for a quick sharing of a map postcard.  This one is a Tourist Map of Alaska and the Yukon Territory  Its linen and has a nice frame appearance to it....

It is hot again in Central California and will be most of the week, in the mid nineties.  We are home from RVing for awhile with projects going on.  Right now we are having the carport rebuilt and in a week or so we are having a huge oak tree trimmed.  Even though its quite warm there is a Fall feeling in the air with lots of acorns lying on the ground. 

I left a big tub of water on the back deck for the cat on our last trip (the one that does not travel with us.)  There was still water in it when we came back.  I have been hearing at night a frog so I wondered if he was swimming in it.  I went out this morning to look but instead saw raccoon prints at the bottom so I guess they got water too.  And two days ago a bear came and broke down the gate to get to the garbage cans.  I slept through it all.  Ah mountain living.

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