Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonneville Flats near Wendover Utah

Left the flats this morning.  Quite a place.  Talk about rough roaders near the area, no race cars today but quite a site.  You probably have seen those postcards that sell bags of salt from the Great Salt Lake?  I could have gathered up some salt and made my own postcards.  Ebay has picked up and I am mailing 3 auctions while on the road.  What a great retirement.


nancy huggins said...

I think that would be kind of cool Judy to have the salt to go with the post card...I am happy that you are enjoying your retirement and doing a lot of camping...Make plans to come to Central IL next spring so we can meet.
So many people don't take advantage of retirement and then there are people like me that have trouble finding out where they want to retire :)

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Judy...did you notice any "rock art" along the side of the road? I remember that when I use to drive between SLC and Wendover. People would gathering rocks and make pictures and objects in that flat salt/sand along the road. ~~Annie

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