Friday, August 20, 2010

PFF Old Travel Trailer and National Radio Day and QSL card

Thanks Beth at for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday

We just came back from RVing with a newer travel trailer then whats in this postcard.  And its in Phoenix (Oregon not Arizona.)

Beth picked the theme of National Radio Day so I grabbed this card.  It is a QSL card that verifies you made contact with the radio stations sponsoring the event.  Often QSL cards are printed as postcards so you can mail without an envelope.  This particular card has details about the special event station honoring Barry Goldwater who was a Ham radio operator with the call sign K7UGA.  Many famous people are ham radio operators, my favorite talk radio host Art Bell is a ham operator.  So am I Judy KE6GTR.


Lyneen said...

Love the travel trailer... interesting info on Ham Radio operators. Thanks for sharing.... Happy PFF

Christine H. said...

The trailers may look different today, but Phoenix, Oregon doesn't look all that different, except for a few big motels.

Postcardy said...

I like old roadside cards like that. And I never would have guessed that there was more than one Phoenix.

Linda said...

Nice slice of life. Always like the (apparently)unstaged shot. Happy PFF.

Rahma Krambo said...

Oh man, this is so cool. My dad was a ham operator and I remember all those cards he got from people. I wish I knew his call number now. It would be neat to have one of his cards, but one never thinks of the value of these things at the time. Neat hobby.

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