Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hollywood and Vine old cars crossing famous intersection - Postcard

This is a great postcard of a famous intersection Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood  CA part of Los Angeles.  I cannot resist buying a postcard with vintage cars.  I love the old yellow Taxicab which
 I believe is a Dodge.  In the center, the red car is a Kaiser.  The white car on the far left is a Buick with a gray chevy parked at an angle.  Behind the Kaiser is a 1949 Ford.  I do not know what the gray car to the right of the Taxi is or what year.
This famous corner has been mentioned in many songs and stories.  This is the heart of Hollywood where many celebrities pass daily on their way to the studios or to one of the famous restaurants located near this intersection.
Another great chrome postcard from the 1950's with classic old cars.


Christine H. said...

You are amazing! How do you know all these old cars?

papel1 said...

Years of dirt track racing and I read lots of ads and do research, watch American Grafitti....

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