Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twin Peaks San Francisco CA Early and later photo postcard

Here is Twin Peaks in the present or near present.  I do not know when this photograph was taken in San Francisco.  Photo taken from Wikipedia.  This photograph might be older than I think.

The postcard I am sharing below shows Twin Peaks quite a few years ago.  I do not see any buildings or houses.  

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allison said...

Hi there....I can't seem to find out how to contact you other than in a comment so here goes. I have recently obtained over 400 postcards, years ranging from around 1918 through the 1960s (most unused and many linen) along with maybe 15 complete vintage postcard folders all in fairly good condition. Please email me as I would very much like to get some info from you. I can't seem to find anyone with postcard knowledge so maybe you can help me! Thanks so much!


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