Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anne of Green Gables Postcard Folder from Cavendish, Prince Edward Island Canada

This postcard folder has many photographs of Green Gables where L.M. Montgomery wrote Anne of Green
Gables .  The rooms in the photographs are very charming.  There are pictures of Mathews bedroom, Marillas bedroom, Annes wardrobe at Green Gables on Prince Edward Island.  Annes dresses are still hanging up in different rooms..  There are pictures of the Haunted Woods, Lovers Lane. romantic old farm house.  The front view of the home.  L.M. Montgomery grew up here with her grandparents.A popular book that is read over and over again by young and old.


Christine H. said...

I want so much to visit Prince Edward Island. I have such high expectations though. In my mind I have made it out to be such a wonderful place, that it would be easy to be disappointed. It's all because of Ann of Green Gables.

Ashley said...

I just went last summer, and my favorite thing about PEI is that it does not disappoint in any way. It's magical!

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