Sunday, April 18, 2010

Antique Tractors Postcard and advertisement - Holt Mfg Co. Stockton

The Antique Tractor show in Tulare Calif this weekend had its usual crowd in attendance.  The weather was a wonderful 77 and many booths were there.  I looked for postcards for my collection but there were very few available in the flea market section.  I did pick up this free postcard advertising a show in June. 

 Here is a postcard I did buy for a quarter at the farm show.
It is in very good condition and is an RPPC but I wonder if it is a reproduction as its copyright date is 1907
Now I need to research the postcard or maybe someone out there knows something about these Old Bath Chairs.


Christine H. said...

Is the tractor show part of the Tulare Farm Show, or is that different. I went to that once and was wowed by the amazing tractors.

nancy huggins said...

Wow..I never thought that there would be such neat post cards at sales like that. If I knew more about them I would look for some next week at flea market we are planning to go to :)

Allannah Kemble said...

My father is a huge antique tractor fan and he would really collect anything that has anything to do with tractors. Haha! From die-cast models, to hats, even sign ad décor posters. Well, I’m telling you, he also has post cards. Hahaha! I guess that’s what tractors can do to old men. Hehe!

Allannah Kemble

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