Friday, May 31, 2013

Lists lists and more lists, I got to start writing things down Organization is my goal.

Today I went through my clutter, well actually bins of stuff.  I found my clip board, notepads, scraps of paper etc and a few pens.  So I put a tablet in each room, the clipboard by my recliner with an attached pencil.  I seem to be able to write grocery lists so maybe it will work for all my other activities.  I know you are suppose to put away every item in its proper place after you use it.  It is time for bed and hopefully I will write a list in the morning.

But wait there is a big Lions club Flea Market at the Fairgrounds.  Hmm just more clutter, but maybe I will find something good like postcards.

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Danielle Vargason said...

Good to get organized..I need to do that've got more ambition than I have right now..too hot and humid today

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