Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dog Grooming, Shopping and enjoying the goodies at home.

Yesterday was Gardening Day, today was Shopping Day.  First my husband and I  dropped off Joey at PetSmart for his bath.  How can I shop first without stopping at the Credit Union, on to Costco for a few items, then to Target for pet supplies.  Then shopping for me...3 magazines from Barnes and Nobles, Somerset Life, Mary Jane's Farm and ShopSmart.  Right across the street was Hobby Lobby where I found the sale table and bought a small blank scrapbook and some blank cards and envelopes ready to decorate.

While we were eating at Sonic I got the call that Joey was ready.  Joey needed a walk so he got his exercise after I went to Starbucks and at last to an antique mall.  There were some boxes of postcards but nothing good to sell on eBay.  The best part about shopping is relaxing at home going through your bag of goodies.

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