Monday, March 12, 2012

Rving on the East Side of the Sierras

Even though I have a laptop, and wifi in the RV Park I did not do much on blogging or catching up on emails.  I did not even use my iPhone to take pictures as I have been there before.  But it was a great trip.  We spent the first and last night at Orange Grove RV park in Bakersfield California.  The first night 28 RVs checked in so when we stayed there again last Sat. night we wondered if we would beat their record counting them and would you believe 48 checked in.  All the snowbirds going home plus their was a group so that brought in about 10 or so.  Joey our new dog loves this park. What is neat about this park is that the spaces are in an old Orange Grove and you are allowed to pick the oranges and take them home.  Good dog run and lots of areas to work.

But she also likes Whiskey Flats RV Park in Hawthorne NV where we spent a night, and Boulder Creek RV Park we spent 2 nights.  Just drive up the road and you can see Mt. Whitney.  Unfortunately Joey got loose and ran away but I got her back after crossing the highway.   She would not come to me when I called her and it is very frustrating.  This happened while in a parking lot and we were trying to get her out for a walk. Otherwise she is a great traveling dog but I need to work on obedience.  A Dachshund mix...When picked up at SPCA they said she had a bullet in her leg so who knows her history.

So now back to the daily grind, washing clothes and unpacking the trailer.  Did sell items on ebay while traveling and now need to find some more old vintage postcards to sell or give as gifts.

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EastCoastLife said...

Hope I could have a holiday driving a trailer round the country. It sounds fun staying in an orange grove and picking the oranges.

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