Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meyercord Vintage Decal Cute lady and man cooks Comical

This decal which can be cut into two pieces is oh so vintage.  About 50 years old.  If IT STILL WORKS, NO GUARANTEE) you dip the decal in warm water for 15 seconds and remove from water and set aside for a minute or two.  Slide design off backing paper face up.  Place where you want to decorate and smooth with a cloth and let dry.  Meyercord Co made a lot of decals.  Bid or buy it now on eBay.Meyercord Decal on eBay
This is also my number one posting for the Virtual Online Learning  Challenge #1

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Caramia's Collection said...

This brought back such memories -- I used to love decals when I was a kid.

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