Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Giant Advertising Postcards Riverside RV Park and Manor Auctions

Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort and Casino and RV Park Laughlin Nevada
2 years ago we took our trailer to this resort RV park in Feb over President Days weekend and yes it looked like this.  We were among the 2000 snowbirds visiting the Laughlin, Nevada area and what a crowd.  We managed to get a spot even without reservations.   Now it seems to be an annual event, went last year but not sure yet if we will go this year.  They do send us this POSTCARD every year with a special weekly rate.
If you start bidding online with different auction houses or through you can bid on many auction sites.  This POSTCARD came from Manor Auctions for a February 25 auction.  Yes I love getting any kind of postcards via the post office.

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shelena said...

So how giant postcard it was is it like a billboard or something?

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