Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to School Old School in Bannock Montana

All the young people are heading back to school.  When I taught school I had desks like these in the 1960s.  Now its retirement and I will watch the school buses drive by while sitting in my recliner. Or better yet be in a campground with my RV. 


Christine H. said...

You have to be a kid to be able to endure sitting in a desk like that. My backside hurts just looking at it, more padding notwithstanding.

nancy huggins said...

No wonder our back aches in our golden years. I enjoy seeing the school bus go by now..Had to get up for years to get all 9 kids out to the bus in time and then worry when bad roads. I am like you but I sit in my recliner and watch them go by :)

Eggs In My Pocket said...

There is a museum a little ways off from us, where we like to go to now and then. They have old ranch houses set up for visitors to look into. One of the buildings is a school house with desks like these. No more school bus for us this year. Our last one just graduated last year. Have a great holiday weekend. blessings,Kathleen

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