Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally a cool day in California - sorting out bins

Time to sort out the bins which are everywhere. I find it can be a fun job because you find things you forgot about. If its fun why don't I do it more often? But I need to empty some out. My closet is a disaster area. I only have 4 listings on ebay but I do have a bid this morning with 6 watchers so I bet it goes higher. It is cloudy out and only 73 degrees at 10:30 and it feels wonderful. I am having fun wearing some new clothes. Pants that can be long, capri length, or zip off the legs and you have shorts. Bought these at Bass Pro an outdoor store in Manteca California.  Now to my table outside with my cup of coffee.

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Ann said...

I'm in So. is so and a slight breeze!! We had MAJOR THUNDERSTORM for about 30 min..huge booms!! love the smell of rain!!

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