Monday, August 29, 2011

Embroidery Transfer Patterns Aunt Martha and Vogart on blog Ad for eBay

 MY EBAY LISTING  Opened Envelopes but transfers not cut or used.
#3002 Gay Tulip Motifs
Torn envelope but pattern sheet complete!
Probably from late 1950s
#3236 Clarissa Kitten Cute kittens for each day of the week. MONDAY - SUNDAY
Also very vintage, and so cute.
I have thrown in a Vogart Repeat Transfer for embroidery or ball point Painting.  
The designs are actually for Candlewicking but can be used for regular embroidery.
Shipping and Handling is $2.00 USA $2.50 Canada, $3.00 International.  I combine postage.  Satisfaction Guaranteed

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nancy huggins said...

Very nice..I wish sometimes I had more patience for embroidering..I am not a patient person but I love the work when it is finished :)

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