Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I am sitting here waiting for the storm to hit.  It originally was predicted that it would snow at 2500 feet.  We are a few feet below that but all we had was Hail...good thing as we had a new carpet installed in my craft, computer and ebay room.  Must get busy with listing on ebay as its 50 free listings for auctions.  My sales have been good and I have 4 groups of postcards and old covers to mail.  Better rush to the PO in case that storm comes in today.  I still have things to put back into that carpeted room. 

Well the wind is blowing outside.

Here is our old 11 year old Dodge Dakota that pulled our trailer for a year or so....after pulling a tent trailer for 5 years.  Not quite enough power so we decided to buy something new.
Here is our new Ford Diesel Truck 2011 with pulling package F250 4 X4
We love it despite the price of diesel.  It has already been on 3 shorter trips.

The oak trees are bare but should get new leaves soon.  We could pull a house!! but plan on keeping the 19 foot trailer. (RV Cruiser Funfinder X189)

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