Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pocalla Springs Tourist Court Postcard Sumter South Carolina

I like all the small boxes and different views on this swimmers are enjoying the swimming pool which is supplied by Artesian wells and Springs .And the resort is famous for its drinking water.  Also available is camping spots in addition to the brick cabins.
It says there is ample grounds for House Cars or Tents.  I wonder if House Cars are the first RVs.    This postcard was mailed in 1936.
This is another motel postcard from the 1950s - RANCHO 101 MOTEL...on the coast highway in San Diego California. on Highway 101.


nancy huggins said...

Both scenes look inviting on a day like today...I kind of miss the good old days but then I wouldn't have had a computer and wouldn't have met and made so many good friends :)

Christine H. said...

I would also welcome a visit to either one right now.

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