Monday, December 6, 2010

Postcards Make Great Graphics, illustrations and projects

Have you ever noticed how pictures of postcards are everywhere?  I received my copy of Create & Decorate and found a postcard on the cover.  And there are postcards in the Editors Letter.  I am now browsing through the Table of Contents.....hmm under Rug Hook and Punch Needle....yes there is a project called Vintage Valentine Postcard.  Now its time to take off my shoes stretch out and read my Feb 2011 Issue. I bet I find more postcard graphics.  Have you seen a postcard today?

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nancy huggins said...

I Love looking through all my Grandmothers old post cards and also enjoy seeing yours here on your blog. I always go to the postcard rack when we stop anywhere that sells them when we are traveling :)
I also look for them everywhere :)

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