Sunday, December 26, 2010

How I remember the traffic would come to a stop in Yellowstone just for a bear.

Well this postcard shows a lady approaching that deer.  Does she not know that they can charge and hurt you.  This postcard reminds me of the days when we traveled years ago in Glacier and Yellowstone where people would be in the middle of the road taking pictures or feeding the animals. At least the chevy is parked off the road.  The traffic tie ups were crazy all over the wild animals.  But then we did want to see the deer, bear, moose, elk and buffalo!  This postcard is of GLACIER in Montana.


nancy huggins said...

People were a lot more trusting back then Judy..I don't think I would get out of my car to pet or check out any animals...we do have them in our yard so guess I will be putting a fence around my garden this year..Can't afford to loose another garden like we did last year...

Christine H. said...

There even used to be official postcards of people feeding animals...not anymore. Some of the national parks have done great things to reduce traffic and make the parks more enjoyable for everyone. Bryce and Zion have shuttle service that is so convenient, you're glad not to drive. No more traffic jams.

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