Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deer Christmas Card - Looks just like what visited our House Dec 4

Take away the snow and you have a view of what happened outside my window
yesterday.  I was watching TV on my bed when a buck like the one pictured above (Christmas card) walked by 
my window with a fabulous pair of antlers.  I jumped up and quietly went to the window and saw the Mother and 2 younger deer.  Dad was very weary and keeping an eye out for the three.  It was quite a site and
maybe they will return soon.  We see the female deer and babies a lot but rarely the Bucks. 
Well we do have some pine trees but not quite as fancy forest as pictured.  Still I love country living.

I attached a backing and now this Christmas Card is recycled into a new card.

Its a little smaller than the front but it should not have any trouble going through the mail.  Unless I keep it

1 comment: said...

What a great postcard. We get plenty of deer here but nevr that close to the house.

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