Monday, May 17, 2010

Postcard Magnets - and new blog

I am trying to cut back a little on the advertising on this page so have started another blog with just about the same name!  I like listing links to and will use that site for more than here.  So If you go to this site you will find out how to make Postcard Magnets.  This blog is with and registered it as a domain.  Seems I never run out of things to do.  I admit I bounce around from blogs to ebay, twitter, facebook and other social networking.  I guess I had better go outside and smell the flowers (oh no its raining again.)


nancy huggins said...

LOL..Yes you are a busy lady. I am not sure I understand about the new blog...will you still be posting the pictures and things in this blog like you always have been.
Now I guess I better get to bed so I can get up tomorrow and get some sewing done :)

papel1 said...

Yes this is my main blog with more personal information etc. I would stick with this one Nancy. Its like yours maybe more of a selling blog but not set up nicely like your selling blog.

papel1 said...

Today I went to Staples and bought magnet and laminating sheets so ready to make new items to stick on my filing cabinets. And my sister in law gave me 4 books so I have lots of reading material.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Hi Judy, I saw your link on Nancy's blog and I also have a couple of blogs. One everyday stuff and one selling. It is hard to keep up with both, I just didn't want to bore folks with my selling blog. I just can't write on it three or four times a week so I do when I can. Also the social sites, to try to connect the blog too. I love the Amazon links to see books others and see if our library has them.
I know we are supposed to buy them but I can afford that like they think. Anyway, I do have a few books I have on my site from getting them personally from the author on trips I have made.

I have the magnet supplies so I better go see how you do yours. I have so many fun sayings and photos to out on them and try to sell in my shops , I just need more time also.
Nice to meet you and I'll go wander now, thanks! Smiles, Cyndi

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