Sunday, May 23, 2010

Making Fabric Postcards w. Serger, Iron ons, Glue felted wool

Continuation of Handmade Postcards.....this one with fabric.  I really started this project to see how serged edges would look.  I was really pleased with the finished look.  A few months ago I had printed the postcard stamp box and lines on fabric so used that today with a backing of felted wool.  True the lines are a little crooked but I cant wait to make more!  The lines got a little runny due my ingenius idea to spray with sizing on the other side.  Well it went through.  I won't do that again.  I serged the two pieces together. 

Then I grabbed my Aleenes Tacky Glue and added the tag, phrases and lace on the front.  I forgot to mention on the address side I ironed on the picture of the boy and girl holding flowers.  I purchased this from ebay seller Lakebears.  You can often write a message with a micron pen on this postcard.  This one needs to be firmer so I would mail it in an envelope.  You can put a layer of cardstock between the 2 pieces of fabric.

I have been using my serger a lot more than I use to.

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nancy huggins said...

I have thought about trying to make my own post cards but do not have a serger.
I know my Aunt used to make them years ago as a child when they lived in Canada abd would use white bark off a tree and flatten it and you could use both sides. Never saw one but it sounded interesting. Thanks for the instructions Judy

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