Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lazuli Bunting Just visited my Garden

I am so excitied....2 of these beautiful birds, Lazuli Buntings just visited my garden eating seed that fell on the ground..  I have not seen them for several years.  Along with Grosbeaks, Lesser Goldfinches, House Finches, Nuthatches, titmouse,  Flycathers, Bluebirds  plus more.


nancy huggins said...

How cool is that..I would be excited too. We have a little red bird feeder that Billy put some seed in that I bought to make crafts (It was the cheap stuff) and we have a pair of Cardinals that come and eat out of it all the time. I was able to get a few pics but have to sit out on the swing forever waiting for them to come :)
Who would have thought they would eat that cheap stuff.
I hope the birds come back to see you again Judy :)

papel1 said...

Would you believe that right after the buntings came 4 Tanagers were in nearby trees.

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