Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kennedy Space Center Florida, STS-13 Crew Postcard

This postcard is from about 1968
Kennedy Space Center Florida
The STS 13 Crew poses for an informal crew portrait. From left to right is Commander Bob Crippen, Mission Specialist George Nelson, Pilot Dick Scobee, Mission Specialist James Van Hoften and Terry Hart.
I do enjoy going through all my postcards finding something to share on my blog. I am still sewing, crafting etc and need to share a few projects with you soon. I am shopping for vintage miniature frames so I can frame some of my small photos.


Debs said...

great shot! i love this "casual" snap of astronauts...i posted one of the apollo 11 crew earlier in the year that you'll probably enjoy!


nancy huggins said...

You are really showing some awesome photos of Post cards Judy..I wish there was a way I could show you all of mine....Hard to show them in pictures and look much better when you can hold them in your hand to look at.
Love the astronauts...Boy how time flys huh?

Chris Overstreet said...

STS-13 was a Space Shuttle Challenger mission in 1984 (later referred to as STS-41-C). Dick Scobee, one of those pictured, was aboard Challenger when it disintegrated in 1986.

Ricky Peterson said...

Nice info. Kennedy space center is located on Merritt Island in Florida.The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was earlier known as the Spaceport USA. best time to visit the city is during the winter.It is length is around 55 km and is hardly around 10 km wide. The space center covers an area of around 570 square kilometers. For more details refer Kennedy space center visitor complex

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