Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sew Girls - Queen Zippira and Buttonella

This has nothing to do with postcards or challenges etc. Just felt like sharing something I made the past few days and had great fun. This is from the Loralie Fabric Line called Sew Girls. I sandwiched the square (cut from a panel of other great ladies) with batting and a backing then hand quilted around the ladies. I love their wardrobe. What am I going to use it for? Well maybe a potholder, hot pad but most likely will hang it on the wall.


Myrna said...

That's so cute! I'd just hang it on the wall and it'd make me smile every time I looked at it! ;-)
You did a great job--neat detail work.
Hey, I just noticed over a Mind Wide Open that you voted for me! That was very sweet of you..Thanks!

Marie Reed said...

I love her button brassiere!

MouseChirpy said...

Judy, this is so cute and saxy! LOL I love your sense of humor and creativity in your art.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh I love this I want one too!!! It's just too sassy and diva ... OH La La... Yes I would have to put it either on the wall. Or even on the fridgie... so I could laugh each time I opened it to get a cold Pepsi :)

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