Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Antique/Collectible Postcard Finds

I went on a shopping spree Monday and found about a dozen postcards at an antique mall. Well I found more but didn't buy them all!
This is from a town near me. I found the information written at the botton interesting. The only Masonic Lodge in the state of Calif. allowed to meet on the ground floor. This lodge is in Hornitos. They still meet on the ground floor and I guess all others must meet on the second floor. I have been inside and its very nice. I think the building was built about 1856.
Mono Siphon and San Joaquin River Bridge, Fresno County in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have driven on this road and its not much better, paved though!
I love the view of this Motel sign...advertising TV , Room Phones and Ice Cubes. Now they would be advertising Internet Connections or WiFi. Just not as charming.
This motel is in Prescott, Arizona.
I have listed these on Ebay. I guess I can part with them.


Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just love the postcards, especially the motel one. Things have changed so much since then. Blessings, Kathleen

Dani said...

Brings back memories of our road trips back in the 70s..

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