Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When Camping Spots were available anywhere.....anytime, Yosemite tale

In the late 1960's my Mother wanted to visit Yosemite.  She was ill and wanted to see it while she could.  We lived in Los Angeles and we had never been to Yosemite.  We had been to many other National Parks, wilderness areas but never to Yosemite.  We loaded up our tents into the car and drove to the park.  When we arrived at the campground there was no one at the entrance (a little building was there) no sign etc so like we have always done, we drove into the campground and found a spot,  It was a nice one, not too far from the Merced River.  After we set up a park employee came up and said we did not sign in for this spot.  We had never heard of this (true we had not camped for a few years) and said we did not know and we sure did not want to pack and move.  Happily they let us keep the "best spot in the whole campground." 

This postcard shows the Merced River, not where we camped but it is a lovely river flowing the the meadows of Yosemite Valley.  The women along the bridge are certainly enjoying the view.  I no longer camp in a tent, now using a trailer and we usually avoid the campgrounds in busy Yosemite as we can drive there easily for the day.


Catherine said...

It certainly looks beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

luvlinens said...

I watched a documentary on hiking in Yosemite on TV last night. It is truly a beautiful place. I visited once years back. It was an amazing sight.

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