Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tourist Advertisements Bumper Tie Ons -

When traveling as a kid I always noticed the advertisement bumper tie ons for cars stating you visited Trees of Mystery or Shipwreck (Eureka CA) or Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz California.  We never stopped  at any as my parents would mumble "Its just a tourist trap."  As an adult I finally visited Trees of Mystery and they were not so mysterious.
 Another souvenir I aways grabbed were paper placemats at restaurants.  Found this one at a yard sale even though I have been to Harolds Club in Reno Nevada.  I was very disappointed when they closed the casino.
Now you see bumper stickers maybe a paper placemat or two still exist.  I expect the cars that had these -bumper tie -ons also carried those bumper water bags (burlap).
I will be listing these on ebay eventually.

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scott jordan said...

I love your postcards! Traveling is a passion of mine. I’m a touring musician and I’m touring to Arizona in October, this upcoming month! Ever been there?

All Best,

Scott Jordans (zkott)

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