Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joey - Lady about Town

Joey is a Lady about town.  Well not exactly as here  she is stretched out relaxing.  We have never had a dog that likes to walk everyone on her leash.  She prefers town streets with lots of activity so she can see whats happening.  Joey likes sitting at Starbucks while we drink coffee outside.  Of course she expects a quick stop at Petsmart or Petco for a treat or two.  Last week we stopped at a dog run and was excited because she had 2 small dogs to play with.  And RV parks are full of fun people and other dogs.  She has a ramp to get in and out of the truck.  She is a shelter dog and hobbles a little if tireddue to a bullet that had grazed her back leg.  We took her anyway.

She is a Dachshund mix, some have called her a Dutch Hound.  Well she is waiting for her morning walk.

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Karen said...

She looks so sweet. She is a lucky dog to have found such a good forever home.

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