Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wishing a Happy Easter to everyone, sharing postcard with singing chicks.

 I would like to share an Easter Postcard for this special Holiday.  I love the way the chickens are singing away.  It is a beautiful day outside and I have already walked the dog.  It should be about 73 and I can see myself sitting on the deck soaking in the sun.  I remember as a young girl hunting for candy Easter Eggs inside the house in the morning, and then hunting for hard boiled eggs outside. Sometimes the neighbor children would join in.  My sisters and I had new Easter outfits that my Mother would sew for us.
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Joyce Lansky said...

That is a cute postcard and it's great to have the memories.


Karen said...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I remember cleaning my white patent leather shoes to try to get off all the scuffs. Ah, the memories!

shelena said...

So cute! I love the chicks singing in front of their mother together!

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