Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rare Postal History Covers Mariposa County U.S.P.O.D.

These packages were sent to different post offices in Mariposa County, but used around the USA.  This is a very scarce postmark of Grant, a town in Mariposa County which I cannot find out much information.  There were many towns with post offices during the Gold Rush.  Much of the land was part of the John C Fremont Land Grant.  On my eBay 5 USPOD Registered Packages on auction. site you will find this envelope and 4 others sale.  Towns besides Grant I am selling is Jerseydale, Indian Gulch, Darrah, and Mt. Bullion.  Some of these towns still exist but no longer have post offices.

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nancy huggins said...

That is where you live isn't it Judy? I have some real old stuff like that from my Grandmother..I wish I knew what some of them were worth..maybe I can send pics to you when I figure out how to use my new camera...nice find you have

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