Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jet Boats up the Rogue River, Gold Beach to Agness Oregon Vintage Postcard

I spent many summers on the Rogue River so my Dad could fish for Steelhead.  We stayed 7 miles up from  Gold Beach at Lucky Lodge.  In the 1950's the road was dirt and narrow.  We would meet Logging Trucks and I would hold my breath as we passed them.  We took the jet books like the ones pictured except ours was run by the Mail Service (delivering mail)  There was no road to Agness from the mouth of the river so residents and tourists took these fast boats up to Agness.  Now there is a paved road to Agness.  Fond memories.  I use to wave to the passengers while standing by the river.


Heather said...

yummy, Steelhead. Wish we had some of that around here.

Christine H. said...

Still a beautiful spot...and it's hard to beat fresh steelhead.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What wonderful memories you must have. Being from Texas I am only associated with catfish and bass..............what is a steelhead? blessings,Kathleen

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