Thursday, November 18, 2010

My pictures wont link up here

What a challenge, cant get any pictures to work for this challenge.  Its been some day too.  It took a little longer to replace a weather stripping that was not installed properly.  But great now and we love our new Ford Diesel for pulling the trailer.  Of course when things are worked on computers get shut down, settings are off.  We have this gadget which tells what the temp is outside.  When we left the dealer it said -39 and stayed that way for awhile. But eventually reset itself.  Now I have to dash to the PO to mail 3 ebay auctions.  Rain and maybe snow is on the way.  I had fun shopping while truck was worked on, (curtesy car took us right to the mall)  Bought items at Best Buy, Pier 1 and Barnes and Noble

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