Friday, July 16, 2010

What I am Doing in the Heat! Creative Projects

Serged 2  pieces of very thin gold see through fabric.  First I serged three sides (using rolled hem foot) then I added dried lavender and serged it closed.  Added a vintage rhinestone button and old tassle. 
Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching sells the most wonderful embroidery patterns.  Here I used a running stitch and made a cute person from her packet Dress Up, attached to a blank greeting card adding a vintage flower from an estate sale.  These are iron on designs and easy to do.

Not sure what I will do with this cute tomato.  Still needs some work.  This is from Subline Stitching I LUV Veggies. 


nancy huggins said...

They are very cute Judy..I know what you mean about the heat..was 105 here yesterday with heat factor and is causing Annie to have seizures. Check out my blog when you have time for my special sale (I call it my Moving Sale)
We complain in the winter when it is cold but then when we get this HEAT we wish for the cold. You can always bundle up to stay warm but there is no way to cool off in this heat :)

ortsed said...

i love veggies to, and its cute art i really like it. i should try it while
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