Sunday, July 18, 2010

Map Postcards - How many states are in your collection?

I am sitting here scanning postcards and am discovering that I don't have my postcards in very good order. I have several boxes with sections devoted to the US states, some foreign countries, but I think I have more lying about in piles in every room of the house.  I was looking for postcards to go with my topic MAPS for todays blog.  I found one and its not very old but I like it and its colorful.

What I am thinking of doing is collecting a map postcard from all 50 states.  That should be a good quest for this very hot summer day. 

How many states (postcards) do you have in your collection?

How do you organize your postcards?  All food for thought (and are you enjoying the summer?)
I have another blog about postcards....

And I am working on a website also
 I have taken out a domain for variations of judyspostcardsplus....
But must get back to eBay!! And start listing again although its time to start RVing again.
Thank goodness for wifi availability on the road.

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