Thursday, June 17, 2010

See 'Em Alive Zoo Red Lodge Montana Postcards Postcard Friendship Friday

When mining declined in Red Lodge Montana local residents tried to bring tourists to the area.  The See 'em Alive Zoo had 47 species of game for the visitor to view.  The bottom postcard showing the building with cars was copyrighted in 1946 otherwise I am not sure when the park opened.  Admission for adults was 10 cents, and for children 5 Cents.

Written on the back of the card it reads The 'See "Em Alive Zoo in Montana has over 200 native wild animals and birds.  Located on the outsirts of Red Lodge on the new scenic Route No 12, Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone Park.

The postcard of the Buffalo is at a zoo called the Red Lodge Zoo.  I am not sure if these are the same 2 zoos.  The Red Lodge Zoo opened in 1928 and covers 7 1/2 acres of over 200 animals and birds.  From the mentioning of 200 animals on both cards I assume they were the same. 

I have visited Red Lodge several times and do not remember seeing any zoo!  But if you go there a tour of the prison (closed to prisoners) is well worth it.  A beautiful part of Montana.
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Bob of Holland said...

I have to go to zoos whenever I'm on a trip with my sister. She is a real zoo-addict and makes great photos of its inhabitants (see her Flickr stream, Truus & Zoo). So I read your post with special interest - and loved it. Happy PFF.

Joy said...

What does that mean, see 'em alive - before we shoot them;-) Prefer to see animals in the wild but do like the cards and the cars with their different colours.

Postcardy said...

Better alive than dead. I love the lineup of old cars!

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

I really lioke the new look of your blog, Judy.

Mary said...

That poor lonely bison - looks like the ones in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Cool postcards!

(p.S. love it when the word verification matches the blog - the word verification on this one is "zoodlest"!

Snap said...

I love the zoo. That's one big bison! Happy PFF

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