Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Easter with Singing Chickens Postcard Friendship Friday

I may have chosen this postcard last year but it is one of my favorite postcards. The baby chickens are so cute singing away, under the direction of Mother Hen. A Joyful Easter to Everyone and also Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.

If these chickens are running around my house I would never see them. The weeds are so high from the heavy rains we had a few weeks ago and need to dry about before we can get out the weedeater and lawnmower. If there are eggs to find on Easter Day I will never find them in the weeds. There are a few pretty wildflowers mixed in with the weeds, lupine and shooting stars. I am ready to get out my gloves and start working in the garden. The cats are happy with the catnip plants I just put in pots.

I have been busy doing spring craft projects among working on my Ebay auctions. I went shopping for Easter Egg Dyes but instead of using them on eggs I dyed plain ribbon and fabric strips into colorful Spring Embellishments. If you did not see them scroll down a few entries and you will see the lovely ribbons just waiting for a project! ENJOY SPRING.  To see more PFF entries go to
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Christine H. said...

Wonderful card. This is absolutely charming. If you posted it before, I'm glad you posted it again. Happy Easter.

Postcardy said...

I love that card--nice subject, color, and design.

Dayhomemama said...

Heheheh, I had to copy that one...I run a dayhome (daycare) and that card looks like me and my little birds (chicks) when I'm trying to teach them a new song. Very cute indeed!

MuseSwings said...

Here I am just sitting in front of the computer while you're shopping, making, dyeing, crafting and auctioning. Perhaps I'll go bake a cake or something. Or not! Love the cheery card!

Beth Niquette said...

What a lovely post! I could see it all, and wanted to join you in the garden.

I loved the postcard--it is so cute!

Happy PFF!

Joy said...

I can see why this is one of your favourite cards, cute.
I wonder what they are singing, not "chick chick chicken, lay a little egg for me" otherwise they would have never popped out of the egg.

Mary said...

Very cute card. I can only imagine the noise! said...

Great postcard - thanks for sharing.

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